Lisboa and Alenquer

Harmonious maturations –Here you can smell and feel the sea. 


Portugal is certainly one of the wine countries with the world’s largest wine heritage.
From North to South we find innumerable native varieties that allow us to create differentiation
and unique wines produced here.

The region of Lisbon, previously known as Estremadura, is located northwest of Lisbon in an area of ​​about 40 km.

The climate is characterized by being tempered by virtue of Atlantic influence. Here the summers are cool and the winters mild, although the areas farther from the sea are a little colder. Our vines benefit from an excellent level of humidity and the nocturnal dew from the sea breeze allows us to create favorable conditions in times of drought without the need to apply irrigation systems.

The Lisbon Region consists of nine Denominations of Origin: Colares, Carcavelos and Bucelas (in the south zone, near Lisbon), Alenquer, Arruda, Torres Vedras, Lourinhã and Óbidos (in the center of the region) and Encostas d’Aire north, near the Beiras region). The Adega Mor holds its 200 hectares of vineyard in the region of Alenquer where some of the most prestigious DOC wines of the region of Lisbon (red and white) are produced. This region is made up of hills and valleys that shelter the vineyards and protect them from the cold and ice-cold from the north, favoring the perfect ripening of the grapes and the production of more concentrated wines.Also the breeze of the Atlantic Coast and the soils rich in clay and limestone are fundamental elements for the excellent mineralization and acidity of the grapes in these lands In this area the red wines are aromatic, elegant, rich in tannins and capable of aging a few years in the bottle and the white wines are characterized by their freshness and citrus character.

Decades Project

Plot to Plot


Portugal is certainly one of the wine countries with the world’s largest wine heritage. From North to South we find numerous native grape varieties that allow us to create the differentiation and unique wines produced here. Keeping traditions and focusing on the consumer allowed Portugal to conquer many consumers across the world.

This is also the way of the Adega Mor, share this differentiation.

With a total of 200 hectares of vineyard, all of them installed in the wine region of Lisbon more properly in the Alenquer sub-region. Among vineyards of the same name, in the properties of S. José da Lage, Quinta da Boticaria, Convent of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação also the Adega Mor has vineyards of rent distributed throughout the region of Alenquer.

The different “terrões”, the formation of the earth, the soil, the climate, the grape varieties and the will of man represent the variety of wines with completely different characteristics. Each step in the vineyard is thought with a purpose and because we know that each plot, each caste, will give rise to a wine with identity and unique quality.

We have as business policy the best production techniques, both for the so-called batch of wine as well as for the caste wines with the strictest certifications for the sector.

The experience of generations combined with the knowledge of the oenology team led by José Pedro Figueiredo produce distinct and unique wines.


To Hand and Machine


In all, there are more than 200ha of vineyards, where you can feel the intense freshness of the aromas and vibrant colors of the best traditional Portuguese castes. In our company we only work with national product because here we have excellent productions and we control all the production from the picking of the grape to the bottling.

In the various plots we find several varieties, from the most indigenous Portuguese grape varieties, some older to the international grape varieties that allow us to oenologically obtain products that are also competitive and to please the various national and international markets.

In the red varieties we have the Touriga Nacional, Syrah, Caladoc, Alicante Bouschet, Aragones, Castelão and Merlot, in the white varieties Arinto, Fernão Pires, Azal, Vital, Loureiro and Seara Nova.


Experience and Knowledge

It is in the Cellar of the Agricultural Society Quinta de São José da Lage, that Raúl Martins, father of Diogo Martins, is responsible for all the vinification of the wines that are produced in the Adega Mor. It is also here that many local producers have chosen us as partners to deliver their grapes.


The experience of generations combined with the knowledge of the oenology team led by José Pedro produce distinct and unique wines.


Organization and Hygiene

The 47 sturdy stainless steel vats have a capacity of 7 million liters of bulk wine, which is managed daily by the resident oenologist.

Oenology and Quality

Rigor and Knowledge

The oenologist is in charge of the winemaker Carina Tavares who closely monitors all the work.

The constant analysis of all production processes by highly qualified professionals is imperative, ensuring excellence in all operations carried out, from the production, bottling, packaging and shipment of the final product.

Every day wines are produced that undergo highly sophisticated technological processes and strict control of the implemented food safety system that aims to respect wine and the environment.